Iron Man Cycling For Triathlete

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It used to be said that a cycling specialist cannot win an Ironman - until Normann Stadler proved otherwise in the 2004 Hawaii Ironman. But even if winning an Ironman is not your primary goal, cycling remains a crucial part in every triathlon. This book was designed to meet the special demands of a triathlete in order to integrate the cycling in his overall training.

Efficient training demands a clear insight in the right set-up of the training within a general triathlon training plan, the right training intensity, and the constant interplay of effort and relaxation. "Cycling for Triathletes" sheds light on the most important aspects of cycling training for triathletes, especially from a practical point of view.

Paul Van Den Bosch deals with all training components of cycling training in a sound and, yet very understandable way. All the aspects of a triathlete's cycling training, like training forms, training with the heart rate monitor, or cycling technique, are fully illustrated with examples of training schedules.
Every triathlete can adapt these schedules to his own needs.

Questions about overtraining are also answered, and special attention is given to the nutrition of the cyclist. Also dealt with are, of course, the transitions before and after cycling, as well as the best training for climbing, strength training on the bike, non-drafting races and races where drafting is allowed.
It is the latest title in the official "Ironman" books.

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