Complete Guide to Kettlebell Training

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Kettlebell is a form of free weight training that combines cardio, strength and flexibility training with weights that look like a cannonball with a handle attached and range in size from five lbs to 175 lbs with the average weight of 35 lbs.

Originating in Russia, it has now become a global phenomenon at gyms with fitness instructors and a major YouTube presence with thousands of videos and views by more than one million people.

It has also become popular with celebrities such as Penelope Cruz and Sylvestor Stallone, is used by soccer teams worldwide and in 2010 was added by the US and British Army as part of their standard physical training.

Kettlebells differ from dumbbells and barbells in that the center of mass is offset from the handle, so the weight constantly pulls against your hand, improving coordination and anaerobic fitness and strengthens core muscles.
This book, part of the COMPLETE GUIDE series, includes information on the benefits of kettlebell training and how to use the equipment safely, and provides warm-ups, drills and training programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. From buying a kettlebell to training for weight loss, it's a comprehensive guide to a popular new fitness phenomenon.

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